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jack/ st. malopushing innovation to new depths

ope体育足彩Extreme depths, cold water, crushing pressure and challenging currents. Experts agree - easy oil is gone. We reply that innovation isn’t. Chevron has implemented a suite of breakthrough technologies in some of the world’s most complex reservoirs.

Jack/St. Malo is our signature deepwater project in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. Through innovation and technology, more than 500 million oil-equivalent barrels are expected to be recovered.

The Jack and St. Malo fields are located approximately 280 miles
(451 km) south of New Orleans, Louisiana.

liquids production


ope体育足彩total barrels per day in 2019

natural gas production


million total cubic feet per day in 2019

ope体育足彩 production lifespan



water depths


feet (approximately)

ope体育足彩The Jack and St. Malo fields were co-developed with subsea completions flowing back to a single host floating production unit (semisubmersible) located between the fields. Steve Thurston, vice president of Exploration and Projects at Chevron, explains that we elected for a joint development to “reduce cost and capture scale” and had field development occur in two stages for “learning and risk reduction.” Stage 1 was put in production in 2014 – on time and under budget. Stage 2 was completed in 2018. In 2019, Stage 3 development drilling continued with one well in the Jack Field starting production and another reaching total depth. A final well is expected to be completed in the first half of 2020. A final investment decision was reached on the St. Malo Stage 4 waterflood project in August 2019. The project includes two new production wells, three injector wells, and topsides water injection equipment. First injection is expected in 2023.

jack/st. malo team member

“With each of our major Gulf of Mexico deep water projects, Chevron had to do something that we haven’t done before. By extending existing and developing new technologies, we have proven we can operate in deeper water and deal with higher pressures and address the many challenges that we see.”

Eric Sirgo

General Manager, Major Capital Projects, Chevron Deep Water Exploration and Projects

achieving first oil

Reaching this milestone helps meet the world’s growing energy demand and delivers sustained economic and community benefits along the Gulf Coast.

the discovery

Chevron pioneered the Lower Tertiary Wilcox trend of the U.S. Gulf of Mexico more than a decade ago.

connecting to the market

The Jack/St. Malo oil export pipeline is the largest pipeline ever placed at this water depth—another industry first for Chevron.

making it happen

A global team, technology advancements, superior planning and excellent project execution came together to make Jack/St. Malo happen.

“Jack/St. Malo demonstrates Chevron’s capital stewardship and technology capabilities, featuring a number of advances in technology that simply didn’t exist when the fields were discovered. These learnings can now be transferred to other deepwater projects in our portfolio.”

ope体育足彩Jay Johnson

Executive Vice President, Upstream, Chevron Corporation

jack/st. malo rig

story spotlighttechnologies

ope体育足彩It’s been said that humans know more about the surface of the moon than about the surface of the ocean floor. We’re changing that. Chevron pushed the limits of technology in the deepwater U.S. Gulf of Mexico to find oil beneath 7,000 feet (2,134 m) of water and more than 19,500 feet (5,944 m) of earth. A multitude of new technologies were deployed to safely develop and deliver production. Explore the innovative technologies that are advancing our progress in deepwater exploration and production.

Chevron's innovation of deepwater technology is
redefining what is possible.

jack/st. malo extending limits

workforce safetyexecuting with excellence

jack/st. malo team member

“One of the world’s premier deepwater installations, Jack/St. Malo continues our legacy of reliable and safe operations—and builds upon Chevron’s position as a top producer in the Gulf of Mexico.”

ope体育足彩Mike Illanne

ope体育足彩Vice President, Gulf of Mexico Business Unit, Chevron Corporation


committed to safety

ope体育足彩Natalie Martin, a Health, Environment and Safety specialist at Chevron, explains how process safety enhances personal safety on an offshore rig.

jack/st. malo

economic developmentour partnerships are
built to last

To complete this project, Chevron collaborated with hundreds of suppliers and contractors, harnessing the talent of thousands of people across multiple countries. More than 200 Texas- and Louisiana-based businesses were involved in fabricating equipment and supplying materials, and the production at the Jack and St. Malo fields continues to support hundreds of local jobs.

ope体育足彩As Jeff Shellebarger, president of Chevron’s North America Exploration and Production, explains, “Jack/St. Malo is delivering sustained economic and community benefits, including job creation, along the Gulf Coast.”

In addition to supporting local businesses, Chevron also invests in a number of charitable and civic initiatives along the Gulf Coast.

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ope体育足彩Jack/St. Malo is operated by Chevron in a joint venture with Statoil, Petrobras, Maersk Oil, ExxonMobil and Eni.

Jack/St. Malo is operated by Chevron in a joint venture with Statoil, Petrobras, Maersk Oil, ExxonMobil and Eni.